Growing Peat: New Opportunities and Challenges for the Restoration of Peatlands

Start Date: 

11 Jun 2015 (All day)
Church, Broek in Waterland

Peatlands are an important carbon sink worldwide. However, many have degraded over the past centuries due to eutrophication and hydrological alterations with major consequences for biodiversity and carbon cycling. In addition, the loss of peat through oxidation stimulates land subsidence. Subsidence is a major concern in the Netherlands, of which many parts are already metres below sea level. In this Centre for Wetland Ecology symposium, we focus on the fundamental and applied aspects of growing peat. As growing peat is a major goal in the PeatCap project, it will provide a case-study to shed light on new opportunities and challenges in peatland restoration. Download the poster.

Travel information

The talks will be held in the church of Broek in Waterland (address: Kerkplein 13, 1151 AH Broek in Waterland). The venue is easily reachable by public transport using busses departing from Amsterdam Central station. For those travelling by car, please use the town's parking lot (Nieuwland, 1151 AZ, Broek in Waterland) as there are only limited spaces near the church.


Please check the weather forecast to adapt your clothing to the weather for the lunch excursion to the Volgermeer. Bring comfortable shoes or boots as it requires some walking.