Towards renewable energy: opportunities and consequences for freshwater and marine ecosystems

Start Date: 

29 Jun 2018 (All day)
Deltares, Delft

29 Juni 2018

Renewable energy sources such as solar panels, geothermal energy and wind turbines are increasingly replacing fossil fuels. Freshwater and marine ecosystems provide many opportunities for generating renewable energy, however, this may come with ecological consequences. This CWE symposium brings together research on both the opportunities and consequences of the current energy transition for freshwater and marine ecosystems.


Ralph Buij (Wageningen Environmental Research): Broad assessment of species vulnerability to the energy transition in The Netherlands and solutions for a way forward.

Jeroen Geurts, Christian Fritz and Renske Vroom (Radboud University Nijmegen): Climate mitigation in rewetted peatlands used for paludiculture.

Barry Scholten (IFTechnology): Smart polders: opportunities to generate thermal energy from polder water.

Hilde Tomassen and Fons Smolders (B-ware): Lake Ouderkerk: how the extraction of cold water and an improvement of the water quality can be combined.

Ingeborg van Splunder (Rijkswaterstaat): The impact of offshore windfarms on the marine ecosystem.

Gerard de Laak (Sportvisserij Nederland): Effects of hydropower on fish.

Rick Wortelboer (Deltares): The ecological effects of solar panels on freshwater ecosystems.

Stefan Kools (KWR Water Cycle Research Institute): The impact of geothermal heatpumps on ground water systems.

Gerben van Geest and Pascal Boderie (Deltares): The impact of cold water release on ditch ecosystems.