Newsletter 7 | 02 October 2013


This newsletter will come to you twice per year to inform you about the symposia of the CWE, about research opportunities, about activities of Stowa's Water Mosaic and to announce events and news. We are open for suggestions and contributions

Rob Fraaije (secretary CWE)
Jos Verhoeven (chairman CWE)

CWE News

  • Next CWE symposium 23 January 2014: Special symposium of the Centre for Wetland Ecology dedicated to the retirement of Prof.dr. Jos Verhoeven, Utrecht University. Theme: 'Climate change and wetlands'.
  • Green Consultancy Network represented in CWE board: With 800 ecologists active in the branch association for green consultancies (Netwerk Groene Bureaus), high quality and objective research and advise contributes to the needs of clients. Read more.
  • CWE symposium on sediment-water interface processes well attended: Interesting new insights were presented on the complex interactions between biological, physical and chemical processes that occur in the sediment-water interface, at the University of Amsterdam, 21 June 2013.

Collaborative research projects

  • PEATCAP Research Volgermeerpolder: The experiment of Dr. Jeroen van Zuidam (Utrecht University) on colonization by (semi-)aquatic plant species to stimulate floating mat formation and biomass accumulation has succesfully been moved from the Volgermeerpolder to another location.
  • MarkerMeerMoeras new opportunities for Natura 2000: update after 15 months. Marked differences in vegetation development under influence of different sediment types in the CWE programme MarkerMeerMoeras which studies the optimal conditions for marshland development.
  • EU Project on river restoration REFORM: 25 partners from 14 European countries work together in this project to generate tools for cost-effective restoration of river ecosystems. Read more on the REFORM website.
  • NETLAKE: The Aquatic Ecology group of the NIOO is involved in this  EU project which focuses on the development and application of cutting-edge sensor technology for the protection of European lakes and reservoirs.
  • 'Sphagnum beads' for recovery of peat formation: In this project, Landschap Noord-Holland cooperates with Radboud University Nijmegen and B-WARE, to study the recovery of peat formation in subsiding peat meadows. See their website or a publication in the Dutch journal: De Levende Natuur.

STOWA / Water mosaic

  • Risk of microplastics in freshwater: Microplastics are yet a new disturbance confronting water managers, but there are still many uncertainties about the sources and risks of these microplastics. A recent review supported by STOWA sheds light on the available knowledge. Read more (in Dutch).
  • Monitoring aquatic organisms with the use of Environmental DNA:  With this new technique, a water sample is sufficient for detecting the  presence of certain aquatic organisms. Read more on the availble knowledge and potentials in a recently published review (in Dutch).

Other news

  • Congratulations to two CWE members with their new position: We congratulate Frederike Wagner-Cremer who gave her inaugural speech at Utrecht University, faculty of geosciences, in September this year, and Piet Verdonschot (Alterra) who was appointed extraordinary Professor at the University of Amsterdam, read more.
  • Tea Bag Index: A paper was recently published in Methods in Ecology and Evolution, view paper, in which an innovative and cost-effective method was presented to gather data on decomposition rates and litter stabilisation using comercially available tea bags as standardised test kits. Read more on the Tea Bag Index website.
  • VENI grant for UU researcher: Hugo de Boer (UU Environmental Sciences) has been awarded a VENI grant to pursue his research on how plant leaf stomata, which enable the exchange of CO2 and water with the atmosphere, respond to changing climate and how that feeds back to the climate system.Read more (in Dutch) >>
  • Post-doc position at Environmental Sciences group UU: The Environmental Sciences group is looking for a postdoc for the project ‘Global modelling of vegetation dynamics and feedbacks: linking carbon, water and nitrogen’. More information here >>. This postdoc position is part of a larger project. You can find more postdoc positions here.

PhD graduations

Recent key publications

  • Cornelissen et al. in press. Dynamics and limitations of phytoplankton biomass along a gradient in Mwanza Gulf, southern Lake Victoria (Tanzania). Freshwater Biology, in press.
  • Keuskamp et al. 2013. Tea Bag Index: a novel approach to collect uniform decomposition data across ecosystems. Methods in Ecology and Evolution
  • Verhoeven 2013. Wetlands in Europe: Perspectives for restoration of a lost paradise. Ecological Engineering, in press
  • Wassen et al. 2013. Vegetation-mediated feedback in water, carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycles.Landscape ecology 28(4); 599-614
  • van de Riet et al. 2013. Rewetting drained peat meadows: Risks and benefits in terms of nutrient release and greenhouse gas exchange. Water, Air and Soil Pollution 224:1440, 1-12
  • Bouwman et al. 2013. Nutrient dynamics, transfer and retention along the aquatic continuum from land to ocean: towards integration of ecological and biogeochemical models. Biogeosciences 10: 1-23