Newsletter 8 | 31 March 2014


This newsletter will come to you twice per year to inform you about the symposia of the CWE, about research opportunities, about activities of Stowa's Water Mosaic and to announce events and news. We are open for suggestions and contributions

Rob Fraaije (secretary CWE)
Jos Verhoeven (chairman CWE)

CWE News

  • Next CWE symposium 3 July 2014: Constructed wetlands: challenges and oppurtunities, Ghent University, Belgium. Deadlines for abstract submission 18 April (oral presentation) and 20 June (poster presentation).
  • Two CWE members appointed Professor: Congratulations to Piet Verdonschot, appointed extraordinary Professor of Wetland Restoration Ecology at the University of Amsterdam (read more), and Leon Lamers, appointed Professor of Aquatic Ecology and Environmental Biology at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Read more
  • CWE Symposium dedicated to retirement Prof.dr. Jos Verhoeven very well attended: 240 attendants visited this symposium on the theme 'climate change and wetlands'. A video of the lecture of Prof.dr. Jos Verhoeven is available here. PDFs of the other lectures are available here.

Collaborative research projects

  • PEATCAP Research Volgermeerpolder: With real-time measurements on carbon fluxes, Sarah Faye Harpenslager of the Radboud University of Nijmegen showed 'live' carbon fixation and emission during her research on peat-formation in the Volgermeerpolder.
  • NWO building with Nature grant for research on Markerwadden: Martin Wassen (UU) received this grant to study the development of a newly created dynamic wetland system in the Markermeer in the Netherlands. In this project, fine sediment is used to create atolls which can develop into valuable ecosystems. Read more here and here.
  • Project 'WATER-RIJK' stimulates ecology and economy: The Radboud University of Nijmegen (Monique van Kempen) is involved in this joint project, in which water retention areas mediate regional water shortages and surpluses, with the aim to generate economical and ecological value. See the project website.

STOWA / Water mosaic

  • Afternoon session on invasive macrophytes: water managers have to deal with increasing numbers of invasive aquatic- and riparian plant species. STOWA invites water managers to  exchange knowledge and experiences in their combat against these persistent species (6 May 2014). Read more (in Dutch).
  • Hydro-chip wins 'inventiveness' prize: with the hydro-chip, water samples can be easily analysed on the presence of the most common algae. This may become a cost-efficient and time reducing method for monitoring water quality of surface waters. Read more (in Dutch).

Other news

  • VICI grant for UU researcher: Caroline Slomp (UU Marine Biogeochemistry) has been awarded a Vici grant of NWO. Her research will focus on "Natural iron fertilization of the sea". Personal page.
  • Nano plastics more dangerous than microplastics: Studies of Dick Vethaak (Deltares/VU) and Bart Koelmans (Imares/WUR) underlined the threats of nanoplastics in the aquatic environment. Read more (in Dutch).

PhD graduations

  • Monique van Kempen (RU) 10 December 2013: “Azolla on top of the world - An ecophysiological study of floating fairy moss and its potential role in ecosystem services related to climate change”.Personal page.
  • Rob Hendriks (RU) 21 February 2014: “Plants, Invertebrate herbivores and Nitrogen. Ecological impacts of resource availability on trophic interactions". Read more (in Dutch).
  • Merrin Whatley (UvA) 13 May 2014: “A house of cards: patterns of aquatic invertebrate diversity in agricultural ditches". Personal page.
  • Joost Keuskamp (UU) 26 May 2014: “Decomposition and soil carbon sequestration in mangrove ecosystems". Personal page.

Recent key publications