Centre for Wetland Ecology

Centre for Wetland Ecology

The Centre for Wetland Ecology: a scientific network

Dutch and Flemish aquatic and wetland researchers form the Centre for Wetland Ecology (CWE).




Since 2000 the CWE has been providing a network and scientific platform for research on ecology, biogeochemistry, microbiology and hydrology of wetlands and water bodies. Novel research is shared and discussed in two yearly symposia and two newsletters provide the latest updates on wetland or aquatic projects and events. The CWE can also act as a partner in initiatives from the applied water sector to tackle water-related questions by representing the science community.

Previous symposia

Previous symposia


Twice a year, the CWE organizes a symposium. Below you find the all previous editions.

2023 Past, present and future of wetland functioning and restoration

2019 Perspectives in Aquatic Ecology

2019 Aquatic microbiomes: Impact in man-made and natural ecosystems

2019 Future of rivers and streams: ecology and restoration under global change

2018 Towards renewable energy: opportunities and consequences for freshwater and marine ecosystems

2017 Future of aquatic carbon: impacts, feedbacks and mitigation

2017 Multiple stressors and ecological complexity in aquatic systems

2016 From Wadden Sea to Marker Wadden: functioning and restoration of large aquatic ecosystems

2016 The good, the bad or a bit of both? The role of exotic species in aquatic ecosystems

2015 Half a century of fundamental and applied wetland ecology: from acidification to climate change

2015 Growing Peat: New Opportunities and Challenges for the Restoration of Peatlands

2015 Back to the future, the ecological reshaping of Dutch waters

2014 Constructed wetlands: challenges and opportunities

2014 Climate change and wetlands

2013 Getting to the bottom of wetland functioning: the sediment-water interface

2013 Understanding wetland dynamics: the value of long-term datasets

2012 Stream restoration: beyond geomorphology

2012 Beyond eutrophication: towards a better ecological quality of shallow lakes

2011 Eutrophication: top-down or bottom-up control?

2010 Wetland Restoration: It's all about dispersal, germination, establishment and succession

2010 Biogeochemical processes in wetlands



General information


Liesbeth Bakker (chair)
T +31 (0)317 473 557

CWE Board

Liesbeth BakkerNetherlands Institute of Ecology (Chair)
Harm van der GeestUniversity of Amsterdam
Ellen van DonkNetherlands Institute of Ecology
Annelies VeraartRadboud University Nijmegen
Patrick MeireUniversity of Antwerp
Ralph VerdonschotWageningen University and Research
Ralph TemminkUtrecht University


Representatives applied sector

Tessa van der WijngaartSTOWA
Gerben van Geest            Deltares



 mail: CWE@nioo.knaw.nl
Phone +31 (0)317 473 400